Like most who define themselves as an artist; I've always been one.
I drew on walls, myself, my siblings..anything that might take ink. Much of my childhood was spent in the somewhat humid climate of Vancouver Island and to my childish delight, the  fogged up kitchen windows were a perfect canvas for creative fingers.
The countryside in the wilds of British Columbia are compelling and beautiful. The colors and smells of the earth are ever changing with a distinct perfume to each of the seasons. The heady sweet scent of  rose hips in the Summer , the acrid smell of the undergrowth in the Fall, the new sap running through the birch in the Spring and somewhere always, a faint smell of smoke hanging in the dense, icy air of Winter.
Although we now reside in a tiny harbour town in western Washington, my husband and I have spent more than ten years overseas. We’ve lived in Israel, Doha, and currently Turkey with visits to Dubai, Bahrain, France, Ireland, Scotland and Germany.
All of these wonderful experiences and beautiful scenic elements have somehow carved their way into my bones and now find their way into my work.
My style is whimsical and speaks a little of the joyful side of life. The rich colours of the Earth are lovely to me, and I do usually lean toward a subtler palette.
I work in both traditional and digital mediums, with the beginning of any illustration almost always being the humble pencil. This love of line work usually shows in many of my completed images.

Does your story need some art to go with it? Of course it does!
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